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About Traffic Matters

Traffic Matters is a committee for the Oak Creek Canyon Property Owners Association (OCCPOA), dedicated to working hand-in-hand with government agencies, 
creating the political will to improve canyon traffic that is affecting all of our lives.

It is well known that Sedona is one of Arizona’s crown jewels and a premier tourist destination. Oak Creek Canyon is a powerful draw for Sedona and the entire state as well, but burgeoning, out-of-control traffic is endangering the health and safety of Canyon residents and visitors alike, as well as threatening the natural environment of the Canyon itself. To keep Oak Creek Canyon and the whole region strong, sustainable, and vibrant, all recognize that traffic must be managed and even curtailed.

TRAFFIC MATTERS is the Action Committee for Oak Creek Canyon, representing the 400+ members of the Oak Creek Canyon Property Owners Association in exploring ways to alleviate the increasingly frequent and prolonged traffic backups on Highway 89A in Oak Creek Canyon. 

It is a seven to nine-person committee dedicated to facilitating communication between citizens and local businesses, the city of Sedona, and county, state, and federal representatives and agencies.

While at this juncture, TRAFFIC MATTERS is not advocating any specific solutions, our goal is to work with all parties to create the political will to identify, fund, and implement reasonable and sustainable short-, mid-and long-term solutions that will benefit all stakeholders.

Our Committee

The committee consists of the following Oak Creek Canyon residents,

business owners, and concerned citizens of Sedona:


Marcie Ellis

Committee Chair, Oak Creek Canyon Resident [bio]

Jerry Showalter

Vice Committee Chair, Oak Creek Canyon Resident [bio]


Scott Bradley
Oak Creek Canyon Resident

Judy Lewis
Oak Creek Canyon Resident

W.M. Stalcup
Oak Creek Canyon Resident

Mary Garland
Sedona Resident

Mercedes Mangarpan
Sedona Resident

David Watters
President, OCCPOA
Oak Creek Canyon Resident & Business Owner

Tom Gebler
Oak Creek Canyon Resident

Clark Root
Oak Creek Canyon Resident

About the OCCPOA

The Oak Creek Canyon Property Owners Association represents over 400 property owners. We involve ourselves with issues that will, or could, have a significant impact on property owner’s safety, property rights, and/or property values. We do NOT get involved in political elections.

The Oak Creek Canyon Property Owners Association (OCCPOA) was incorporated in 1989 by Nita Hoel, Bill Garland, David Zirinsky, and Robin Cameron as the original incorporators.


The first Board of Directors were Gary Garland, David Watters, Robin Cameron, Dave Zirinsky, Dorothy Dierker, Bill Garland, Norris Gilbert, Nita Hoel, and Ted Wolfe. OCCPOA was formed because of issues effecting our community like no Sheriff’s deputy in the Canyon (Deputy Ferabee had retired), National Scenic Area was being pushed by KSB, and ADEQ had unilaterally decided that the pollution in the creek was due solely to property owners, specifically Pine Flats Subdivision. Coconino County community development office had also begun working on revising its “Oak Creek Area Plan” which would be an extremely restrictive zoning plan in the canyon.

Through the years, Gary Garland, David Watters, Morgan Stine, and Bob Kittredge all served on various committees and Boards (literally hundreds of hours) related to these activities to give the property owners “a seat at the table” and to help steer the outcome in a way that would be accurate and as beneficial as possible for all parties concerned.


Today, we are still faced with challenges. Some are familiar, i.e., loss of law enforcement personnel again, and some have been building over the years and have reached a point that the Association needs to “get involved.” Specifically, the traffic issue in Oak Creek Canyon and the extensive backups going into Sedona from the canyon.


If you have questions, concerns, or would like to help, please contact us.



David Watters, President

Oak Creek Canyon Property Owners Association

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