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Because Oak Creek Canyon is one of the most scenic and special places on Earth, 
visitation numbers have reached an all time high. Current traffic levels, if not curtailed, 
could result in serious injury and death.

    The Challenges We Face    

Regional Visitation Has Tripled in 10 Years

The US Forest Service reported 2.84 million visitors to the Red Rock Ranger District in 2015, a number that has tripled over the last 10 years.

400,000 Visitors to Slide Rock

Slide Rock State Park alone averages over 400,000 visitors per year.  When their 160 car parking lot fills by 11am on most summer wee-ends, overflow visitors park illegally on Hwy 89A.  Pedestrians walking from their cars into the park pose a significant danger.

Uptown Sedona Congestion

Numerous pedestrian crossings and vehicles attempting to enter and exit parking spots creates a perfect storm for traffic congestion, effectively blocking southbound vehicles leaving Oak Creek Canyon. 

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E. Coli

In July 2016, 3 separate sites on Oak Creek reported E. Coli counts 5 times higher than Arizona’s "safe swimming” standard, the result of excessive numbers, unrestricted access to the creek, inadequate public bathrooms, and the trash and diapers left behind. 

Long Traffic Jams are Common

From March thru October, a 4-5 mile back up is common on most Saturday and Sunday afternoons (and increasingly week days as well), translating into 45 minute to 2 hour delays getting back into Sedona.

Future Population Growth

Total population in the Phoenix metropolitan area is projected to grow by 2 million over the next 20 years; visitors will only increase.  We must find short, mid- and long-term solutions to TRAFFIC MATTERS in Oak Creek Canyon.

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