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    Our Goals    

We plan to partner with and work alongside government agencies such as ADOT, DPS, City of Sedona, US Forest Service and other to create the political will for change.

We have accomplished our short-term objective of working with everyone to relieve the log jam in Uptown Sedona that caused 3-4 mile backups every weekend and some weekdays. The City of Sedona has developed two lanes exiting the Canyon where there used to be only one.  In addition, they have added a median to help control jaywalkers, added personnel on busy weekends to keep traffic moving, and added a roundabout on the north end of Uptown so when people back out of parking spaces they move forward to the roundabout rather than try to do a u-turn in the middle of town. The “log jam” has been substantially eased as a result.

We are now working on our mid-term objectives which are to (a) to develop support and funding for a capacity study to be done in the Canyon by a yet unidentified agency; (b) to develop support for more tourist education about where to park, where public property is for people to recreate on, and where private property is, what to do with trash, how to interact with the environment; and (c) to develop support for more law enforcement so parking restrictions and private property rights are respected.

We continue to remind people that we have a unique safety concern, especially during fire season. The Canyon, with its narrow walls and one lane in and one lane out, is a virtual chimney when it comes to a fire. If started on the southend, it would move with unusual rapidity to the north, and evacuation with thousands of people in the Canyon could be a disaster. 

In addition, because of current illegal parking and crowds, emergency response is severely impacted. At a time when minutes could mean someone’s life, the presents a formidable obstacle. 

Letters of Support  

We have received overwhelming support from a number of government officials,
and community leaders. Here are a few.

Matt Ryan

Coconino County Supervisor - District 3

View Letter of Support

Jon Trautwein

Fire Chief, Sedona District


Jim Driscoll

Sheriff, Coconino County

View Letter of Support

City of Sedona

Transit Administration

Pine Flats

Executive Director

Max Licher

Design Group Architects

Sedona Chamber of Commerce

And Tourism Bureau

Oak Creek Watershed Council

Executive Director

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